Fracture Clinic Process

The Fracture Clinic is a GP orientated service, with onsite specialist and plaster technician support.

For most patients, four appointments with a GP will be required to review the cast and monitor the healing process. A plaster technician is available for necessary cast replacements and adjustments during these appointments.

For more complex fractures, an orthopaedic surgeon and plastic surgeon are available. For your convenience, specialists are onsite and available on the same day as your appointment.

Fast tracked surgery is available for patients who have had significant trauma or complications arising from the injury.

Launceston Medical Centre is working with imaging companies to provide onsite medical imaging services, into the future if the fracture clinic is well supported by patients. Regional imaging are currently opening their xray facilities at St Vincent’s Hospital (1km away) later on a Tuesday evening to provide a quality service to support the fracture clinic.

Appointment Structure

The table below provides an overview of the typical patient appointment:

Acute Injury Clinic

Run concurrently with the Fracture Clinic, the Acute Injury Clinic provides specialist orthopaedic services to patients: 

  • Recently injured in sporting or recreational activities
  • Referred by a GP or physio for urgent treatment, possible surgery or treatment management.

Common injuries seen by the Clinic include:

  • Acute knee injuries
  • Acute shoulder injuries
  • Significant acute soft tissue injuries

A valid referral must be supplied by the patient, GP or physio in order for an appointment to be made by our practice staff.


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