Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

No, a referral to the practice is not required as your initial appointment is with a General Practitioner. They will provide a thorough assessment of the cast and, where necessary, will refer you to the appropriate specialist if further review is required. We certainly welcome referrals from other General Practitioners and emergency doctors to help streamline your care.

Can I get a waterproof cast?

Yes, waterproof casts are available. Please ask one of our friendly staff regarding the waterproof cast option and the additional cost.

What is the best way to look after my cast?

The following steps will help you look after your cast:

  • Keep the cast clean and dry
  • Check for cracks or breaks in the cast
  • Rough edges can be padded to protect the skin from scratches
  • Do not scratch the skin under the cast by inserting objects inside the cast
  • Do not put powders or lotion inside the cast
  • Cover the cast while your child is eating / bathing to prevent food spills / water from entering the cast

How do I arrange for crutches / moonboots for purchase?

Crutches are available for purchase at $50 per pair and moon boots are $80 per boot. Unfortunately, due to hygiene issues we do not rehire medical equipment.

Do I require private health insurance for the Fracture Clinic?

No, private health insurance is not required for the Fracture Clinic outpatient appointments. Rebates are provided through Medicare.

Can I claim through my private health insurance?

No, as the service is provided through Medicare, you are not able to claim through your private health insurance.

When will my private health insurance be required?

If you require surgery and have private health insurance then the hospital component of care can be claimed through your health insurance fund by liaising with the admitting hospital and practitioner.

Can Physiotherapy assist in my recovery?

The Launceston fracture clinic works closely with Active physiotherapy located nearby. Physiotherapy provides an important step in the recovery process as after cast immobilisation joints stiffen, ligaments tighten and muscle waste. Physiotherapy can provide this important step in the rehabilitation and the healing process.


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